Beyond Naivety: 19th-century British Illustrations in Children’s Books


Childhood has changed – from treating kids like miniature versions of adults to seeing them as individuals with their specific needs. The 19th century loved childhood which was visible in children’s books. Discovering pictures created for kids’ literature, we will see how the illustrators tried to connect many things in their works: a sense of childlike wonder, everyday life, excitement, darkness, and fears. By taking a closer look at some of the illustrations from the late 19th century, we will discover a strange mixture of realism and magic, a sense of terror and safety.

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piątek, 24 Września, 2021 - 18:00
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30 minut
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Poland has Jan Marcin Szancer, Great Britain has Arthur Rackham. Exploring 19th century British illustrations from children’s books takes us into the world of magic, fantasy, and strangeness.
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Wydarzenie w języku angielskim (B1+) Zapisy od 13 IX:
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